The Hopper Room at Highland House Museum, Truro Summer 2018

Edward Hopper, generally considered the greatest American realist painter of the 20th century, was in a sense a Truro artist, usually spending at least four months a year in Truro from 1930 to his death in 1967.

Truro was more than a vacation spot for the Hoppers: using an inheritance Jo received, the Hoppers bought a property in 1933 on a bluff over Fisher Beach and Edward designed a house and studio where he produced about a third of all his work from then on.

By opening a room dedicated to both Hoppers, Highland House Museum says it wants to show how these artists responded to the Truro landscape and culture around them and interacted with other artists and writers and with year-round residents.

The exhibition features images of Hopper paintings of local houses next to photographs of these houses as they exist today.  Most of the photographs were created by Janis Hersh, who herself lives in an area of Truro that was the subject of many Hopper paintings.