Hopper's Houses 2017-2018

The Highland House Museum in Truro is the exhibition site of the Truro Historical Society. When many people visit it, their first question is "do you have anything about Edward Hopper?", the town's most famous resident who owned a small cottage on the bayside from the 1930's until his death in 1967.

This June, 2018 the Museum will open a new room on it's second floor to tell a story about Edward Hopper and his wife Jo, also a painter, and it will feature photographs of  many houses Hopper painted in the town of Truro. By seeing images of his work next to photographs as these houses exist today, a viewer can better understand what Hopper brought to his work as a modern painter.  The exhibit will also include 2 paintings of Jo Hopper and artifacts from the Hopper's cottage that it's current owners have lent to the museum.

I worked with the curators of the exhibit to photograph these houses and to create a place to educate visitors and satisfy their fascinations  about the houses that Hopper painted in our area. To learn more about the exhibit go to http://trurohistoricalsociety.org/highlandhouse/